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Quick Tips for Navigation

  1. Jump immediately to a section by clicking on the appropriate icon on the front cover

    or by selecting from the drop-down menu of the Selection Section box (Item 1, see illustration below).
  2. Click the Next or Previous buttons located in the grey bar to navigate page by page (Item 2, below).
  3. Type a product name, brief description or item number in the Search box above the grey bar and click GO. When searching for a Johnstone part number, please make sure you include the dash: (B98-657, not B98657).
  4. Use the Select Index drop-down menu to quickly locate your item. We provide you with a choice of three Indexes: Order #, Manufacturer and Product (Item 4, below).
  5. If you know exactly where the item is located in the book, you may jump directly to that page by simply typing the page number into the Enter Page # box and clicking GO (Item 5, below).

To View Product Details

Click the Zoom Out button to return the page to the regular size. Then click on any part number to view the product details page.
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